Integrity in Business, Government and Spirituality

“It’s not what we profess, but what we practice, that gives us integrity.”

– Sir Francis Bacon

What is Spiritual Integrity?

Spiritual Integrity is a cellular recognition that you are not your mind, emotions, or body, but the light that illuminates from within. As you move more and more into Spiritual Integrity, your mind, emotions, and form become sweetly transparent, so the luminous light of your spirit radiates out.

Spiritual Integrity is a path to wholeness. When we live from our own Spiritual Integrity, we follow through on our commitments without stress, confusion, or fear. We are constantly inspired and energized to respond to change with eyes wide open. We are clear about who we are and where we are going.

Spirtual Integrity

“There is a natural alliance between the creation of wealth and the cultivation of character. Economic success is built on moral foundations-on the rule of law, faith, discipline, contracts, savings, integrity, a work ethic. Sound families that elevate these beliefsa are the source of much of our culture’s stregnth and future.”

 – Jack Kemp

Ethics and Integrity in Business

Trust and integrity are inextricably connected. Individuals and organizations use the presence or absence of integrity to determine whether an extension of trust is warranted. Business relationships halt or proceed based on this basic determination.

Ethics and Integrity in Business

If you operate with integrity in everything you do, you are more likely to give your customers or clients a good impression.

Beliefs, values and morals all relate to the culture in which you operate. Culture plays a role in determining exactly what integrity involves.

To trust someone means that you feel confident in their ability to be fair and respectful, do what was promised and act responsibly. This applies to both employer-employee and company-consumer relationships.

Increasing the level of integrity your company starts by being more proactive during or changing the scope of your employee selection process.

Integrating integrity in business does more than just make your company efficient and stable. It also raises the general standard by which all companies operate.

Businesses are heartily concerned with their reputation—that is, they care what the public thinks about them. This is because reputation is connected to operations. The higher a company’s reputation, the more business it usually draws.

“Public confidence in the integrity of the Government is indispensable to faith in democracy; and when we lose faith in the system, we have lost faith in everything we fight and spend for.”

 – Adlai Stevenson

Integrity in Government

Integrity in Government

Ethics programs in the United States are designed to foster ethical conduct within the Government. Its ultimate goal is to maintain public confidence that the Government is serving the interests, needs, and demands of all the citizens. It seems that we have a great breach in the ethics of many of our elected officials, who are working on their own personal agendas. I will leave you to your own opinions because my intent is not to get involved in politics.

Integrity requires that Government should not conceal or dissemble simply in order to secure citizen’s approval or to avoid their disapproval on what it does. As citizens, we need to hold the Government accountable for serving the public’s needs in a fair and equitable manner.


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