About the Nail of Integrity

What does Integrity Mean?

Integrity is a combination of honesty, good character and knowing the difference between right and wrong. It requires consistency. It is something that you must have embedded deep in your soul. You can’t just have it some of the time.

Anything worth having in life is never easy, just as integrity is something you have to own, not just accomplish. Building integrity requires commitment and consistency.

So, what is integrity? It can be summed up as simply doing the right thing for the right reason even when no one is watching.

About the Nail of Integrity
About the Nail of Integrity

How the Nail of Integrity Began

Was there ever an event that occurred during the course of your life that brought about a significant change in the direction your life was headed?

For me, it was stepping on a nail.

While walking in the street, I kicked a nail to the curb to avoid a flat tire, rather than picking it up and putting it in the garbage. An hour later, I felt something under the heel of my shoe. It was a nail. How much pressure does it take to drive a 3″ nail through the heel of my shoe? Was it a divine intervention? It was a nail of integrity.

About the Author, Marvin Soskil

Marvin Soskil, author, motivator, mentor, visionary and speaker. A true entrepreneur by trade, transformed several concepts into flourishing businesses.

As a spiritual and community-minded leader, Mr. Soskil has always displayed a sense of well-being to benefit others. His book, Integrity…When No One’s Looking, evolved from the creation of products and his mission to make a difference. His overwhelming passion for the subject matter and sharing the message took precedence to his creative and entrepreneurial desire to sell product. He hopes that through his message he can make a positive impact on society.

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Marvin Soskil, founder of The Nail of Integrity

“We all have freedom of choice. Nobody is telling you what you must do. It’s your conscience that you have to live with!”
– Marvin Soskil, Author



What are the Components of Integrity?