Quote: INTEGRITY…When No One’s Looking

INTEGRITY…When No One’s Looking

by Marvin Soskil

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What is the Nail of Integrity?

Was there ever something that occurred in your life that became an unforgettable, life changing moment? For me, it was when I stepped on a nail. Perhaps it was a coincidence or a divine intervention, for whatever reason it became my passion to send a message to the world.

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Entitlement and Components of Integrity

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Integrity in Family and Friendship

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Integrity in Business, Government and Spirituality

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The Power of our Actions

As individuals we don’t often think about our actions. We should always consider the consequences of our actions (conscious or unconscious). When we accept things on the surface and don’t look at people, objects and responsibilities with integrity, we often lose sight of purpose of life and the responsibility we each have to our families, our community and our society. We tend to ignore the rights of others and the simple rules that drive society. By doing the right thing, with burdens of guilt and fear removed, you feel good about yourself.

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